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Sync photos, video and music between your PC and portable devices

If, like me, you have different mobile devices (media player, mobile phone) where you can store photos, videos and music, you'll probably find DoubleTwist quite useful.

This program lets you synchronize the media contents of your portable devices, including mobile phones, smartphones, PDAs, PSP, cameras, and MP3 players. However, I have to say that I tested with an iPod Touch and an Android phone, and it only worked with the latter. In any case, maybe it was a question of iPod generation or firmware version.

DoubleTwist has an intuitive interface that all iTunes users will find quite familiar. The sidebar on the left lets you move between different categories in the program, while the main area displays the content of the selected category. It doesn't support drag and drop though, and there aren't many configuration options to customize the way the program works.

DoubleTwist not only lets you browse media files on your computer and also on device you connect to it, but also play music and view photos without switching to a third-party app. But the most outstanding feature in DoubleTwist is the ability to share media files with your friends – as long as they also have the program and you've added each other as "Friends".

With DoubleTwist you can synchronize media files between your computer and a variety of mobile devices, such as photo cameras, MP3 players and mobile phones.


  • Intuitive interface
  • Lets you sync files from various devices
  • Lets you share files with friends


  • Not many options
  • No support for drag and drop
  • Some devices are not supported

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doubleTwist Beta for PC

User reviews about doubleTwist

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    This program is terrible..
    This program is terrible. Within 5 minutes it had deleted all of the media files from my external hardMore

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    POS how come I have to pay $9.99 to find that it doesn't work.
    I want a simple intuitive interface and function like AMore

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    overpriced rubbish.
    this is useless. i paid £8.99 for it and if it had been £0.99 it would have been too much. I hookedMore

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